Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Annual Review Time

My husband and I recently got through “annual review season” at our respective places of work. He is fortunate to be managing a great group of people, and I’m fortunate to be working with great people. I have always disliked annual reviews, but they’re a good time to receive feedback, guidance and set goals for the upcoming year. (We both received good reviews, in case you were wondering J).

It's funny how a good review can spark some soul-searching. With an expanding role at work, and after a couple of unexpected days at home in the past week with S-man, I found myself pondering my parental performance and goals.

Yes, I realize that each New Year is marked with resolutions - goals like losing weight, saving money, and eating out less. But when we make resolutions we usually focus on only ourselves as seen through our own lens. I’m talking about getting feedback on how we’re actually doing – how well are we functioning in our role in our own family?

Am I modeling the type of person I want my children to grow up to be? Am I spending enough time with them? Am I making the most of the time I do spend with them? Am I giving them enough room to explore life on their own and find their own interests? Yes, this list could go on and on…so, finally – am I over thinking it?
And what about my long-term goals? Some day our children will both be involved in more activities after school, and our free time will be come less "free." Is it reasonable to continue growing my career (alongside my husband's) if I want to be as present and involved as I want to be?

This struck me again last night, as I tucked W, our 6 year-old into bed. He asked if we could spend more time together. “Absolutely!” I replied. We decided that it was time for the two of us to have a “date”. While I realize that this request was likely prompted by the fact that his little brother got two whole days of mommy’s undivided attention, it did make me take notice and wonder: what would he put on my annual review? Furthermore, what would my husband put on my review?
I suppose the only way to find out is to ask.

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