Saturday, December 2, 2017

Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis Awareness Week 2017: Day 2

For Crohn's and Colitis Awareness Week, Day 2, I'm going to discuss food. Of all the questions I get about my Crohn's, many of them center around food. I feel this is an especially important post this year, because we are currently also dealing with food trials fro Eosinophilic Esophagitis (more on that later) as well as an anaphylactic food allergy, so there is A LOT of time spent meal planning at our house.

Just like autoimmune disorders (and many other diseases) don't manifest in everyone the same, food does not affect individuals the same. There are many foods that work for some, that don't work for others (one of my trigger foods? pineapple. Yes, PINEAPPLE). There are foods I can eat one one day, and not the next (literally - it can change in a day!). What I eat or avoid may depend on how I'm feeling, what symptoms I may or may not be having that day, or even what meds I'm on.

I tend to be self-conscious about what I eat, lest anyone not understand the complicated equation that comes with what I chose to put on my plate. I appreciate people's curiosity and making suggestions. But please don't think I haven't researched or tried any of them. Some days I may take calculated risks and can afford to. Regardless, I ALWAYS appreciate loved ones asking questions and trying to be accommodating, and it's never an expectation (I'm good at eating in advance or bringing my own food, if necessary).

Making meals at our house is a very complicated proposition right now. Not only do I need to be cognizant of my own dietary concerns, but Wyatt has a tree nut allergy, and Sawyer has many restrictions as we move through a tedious 2-year process to understand what foods he can tolerate. Right now, every 8-10 weeks our recipe repertoire changes. So, as it changes, I plan one family meal that meets everyone's needs, triggers no allergies, and is nutritious, while we try and instill healthy eating habits and set good examples for our children. Executing this and grocery shopping for this is a challenge, but we're making it work and trying to make it fun. (Some days it's exhausting).

We're just doing the best we can.

P.S. As always, please ask questions about anything you'd like to learn about!

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