Saturday, December 2, 2017


I took a hiatus. Did you notice?


I haven't written on this blog for 4 years, but my heart and mind have not moved far away from it.

Writing about my experience with chronic illness was very cathartic for me. Sharing what I wrote gave me a voice, and through speaking out I also found support, and not the criticism I feared.

I left this place because I began to feel overwhelmed. While I have written many things I haven't posted, I couldn't find all of the right words, or never felt "ready" to share certain experiences. In addition to the upkeep of a blog, my children grew to ages where they have homework and activities and are on the go - often requiring parental attendance or rides. Trying to manage a career, home, and children is challenging - and adding blog maintenance on top of it seemed to increase my anxiety, not reduce it.

And still, I think of my experiences, what I've written, and the chronic illness community I've become connected to often. And I remember my blog. There are days I grow frustrated with myself, my children, or my disease; even the news and the world. I sometimes feel that frustration building within me, and being unsure of what to do with it. And then I think, "my blog would be a good way to channel some of this."

Alas, when I finally have the time to write, I'm exhausted.

But I'm going to try anyway. December 1-7 is Crohn's and Colitis Awareness Week, and I've decided that I will share posts here that I've been sharing on my personal Facebook page. And after that, maybe I'll share some old ones. Maybe I'll dust off some of the things I've written, and that will inspire me. Even if no one reads any of it, sharing a little is better than none, if it at least helps me release what I need to.

The content won't always be about Crohn's, or educational. Some of it will be about the challenges of parenting. Or pictures of my dog. But still, this is my place, and you're still welcome to come visit.


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