Thursday, March 21, 2013

Living Healthy

I've had a streak of about a month now where I've been feeling pretty good, especially if I'm taking good care of myself. I know; it's so common sense, but it really, is not always easy. There are so many external factors - work stress, children who wake you in the night - that you really can't control it all. Energy can still be an issue - I wish I could find some way to tap my children's energy - I could keep up with them so much better that way!

This quote helped put into words what I need to remind myself of when I'm on a good streak - to live healthy. Not to live healthy lifestyle, mind you, but to put my guard down a little bit and let myself live life a little less like a "sick" person. It's amazing how guarded and cautious you can become when you have a chronic illness - even when you feel good. Knowing that one day you may wake up feeling rotten, have it happen over the course of a single day or hour, or even end up in the ER with little to no warning means you treat your days and plans a bit differently.

Be well!

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