Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Be the Helpers

Yesterday we were reminded that there are horrors in the world, and that they can happen at any time. There are dangerous people lurking among us, and we will never always know when evil will strike. The news is fraught with bad news on a daily basis.

These words from Mr. Rogers bring me some comfort at these times, especially as a parent. They remind me that even in the midst of scary happenings, we should look for the helpers. The helpers are a comfort and a source of good in the face of chaos. I think that's an important lesson to teach our children. Even more important, we need to teach them to be the helpers.

In the face of depressing news, it can be hard to stay positive. Today, look for the good in people and in the world. I'm going to try and go a step further - I'm going to try and BE positive and share love, especially with my family.

Wishing my best to you, and especially the people of Boston and the victims of yesterday's bombing.

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