Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Motherhood Attention Deficit Disorder

I saw this on my Facebook feed last night and found it hilariously appropriate.
Evenings, for many families, are beyond busy. Yesterday evening was no different - we were scrambling to eat before heading out to the boys' swim lessons. My my mind was buzzing, and I was trying to capture several thoughts on a paper before I lost them: a few final thoughts regarding a project at work; RSVP to birthday party; make dentist appointment; refill prescription; pick up the dry cleaning; etc., etc., etc.
Meanwhile, my husband was telling me about work, our oldest started to pipe in with a story about school, and our youngest called for me to wipe his bottom (because it HAS to be Mommy that does it!).
I've been working very hard to be more present in the current moment and focus on other things later. But the reality is that sometimes you just have to juggle multiple things. And keep lots of lists.


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