Friday, November 9, 2012

House of Crud

It was seven years ago in May since my diagnosis of Crohn's Disease, and since then I've learned to deal with the meds, fatigue, and various symptoms as they wax and wane.

In January, it will have been 6 years since becoming a parent for a first time, bringing me joy, love, wonderment, and changing me in so many ways I never expected. But, quite frankly, becoming a parent has also kicked my ass in ways I never expected.

Take for example, the bugs my two young sons bring home (not the kind with legs, although they bring lots of those home, too).

Son #2, age 3, came down with a fever and stomach bug last night. Poor little guy. My heart just breaks for my kids when they are sick. Especially when they are so young; their fevers can spike so quickly, and they can't always articulate how they feel or what they need. All I could do was snuggle, kiss, and hydrate my little guy...just like only 6-7 weeks ago the last time he was sick. His poor little immune system is taking such a beating. Unfortunately, my husband's wool jacket also took it's own beating after our son got sick all over it. I'm not sure the coat will make it.

It's that time of year in the Midwest, though. I am fortunate that my husband has enough PTO banked and was able to stay home with our son, especially given that my PTO bank is empty. But oh the guilt of leaving when he asks for snuggles. I'd rather curl up with him for the day. Not today! I had other things to do.

I had actually made myself an appointment to see a doctor to have my 5-week-old cough checked out. (I had already been seen 4 weeks ago, when I was given cough syrup with codeine and a Z-pak. The cough got better, but never went away.) One nebulizer treatment and X-Ray later, I was given a prescription for an inhaler and prednisone. The physician I saw (not my regular doctor) asked if I'd ever been on steroids before. Hello? History of Crohn's? Yes, I could probably write my own prescription for a prednisone taper.

So, I'm on steroids for my lungs, and our winter-time battle of the crud has begun. We're armed with Lysol and hand sanitizer! I do hope my gut can take it.

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