Sunday, November 18, 2012

One week in

Was it really over a week ago I decided to pick up my blog again? It's still pretty dusty, and I've wondered more than once in the past week why on earth I think I could keep up a blog, with all I've got on my plate. Not to mention how I plan to keep up a blog (not to mention the timing: hello cold, flu, and holiday seasons!).

But I think this will be a healthy outlet for me. Even just writing in the past week has stirred so many ideas, memories, and emotions for me - I have a long list of things I can't wait to write about, from my diagnosis story to parenting challenges, to managing fatigue and cooking healthy for my family.

I've been encouraged to write about my experiences, and I do want to share them. I don't plan to share everything, though. There are some things that will remain private. Some stories and experiences are just for my husband, sons and me, and others aren't mine to share. But, the exercise of writing is my first and foremost goal here. Followed closely by sharing my experience in hopes of helping others, and finally, by being able to share my perspective of living, working, and parenting with a chronic illness.

 I do look forward to seeing how this blog evolves and takes shape.

Thank you for reading.

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