Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Murphy's Law

My husband is traveling for work this week. So it would stand to reason that by the end of the day, my hips and back ached, I was sneezing, had a sore throat, and a headache. Murphy's Law in full force! I'm not sure if I should thank our two little boys for bringing home the germs, lack of sleep, my suppressed immune system, or all three. Probably all three.

Thank goodness I had made plans for easy meals this week. I made a batch of Macaroni and Cheese topped with crumbled bacon (recipe coming) for dinner last night so that we'd have plenty of leftovers and had made sure we were stocked up for freezer meals and fresh fruit. Tomorrow or Thursday we'll have breakfast for dinner. Yum - a family favorite!

I am also fortunate that I work for a company where I have the option to work from home. I had made arrangements this fall with my boss to work from home on days when my husband is traveling. I found that trying to wrangle the boys in the morning and evening, commute, complete two drop-offs and pickups, and taking conference calls in the car was only setting me behind at work and at home. I was also trying to come back from a flare up in September, and the exhaustion was making balance all the more difficult. I can't tell you how grateful I am for an understanding employer.

I'm glad to be keeping my germs home tomorrow and for now am hoping that Son #2 allows me to sleep through the night. Consider my fingers crossed! As usual - tomorrow is a new day.

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