Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The One Who Smelt it Dealt It

Yep, having Crohn's stinks. And depending on the day I'm having, what I ate, or even the time of the month, it can literally stink. Some days, my children are not impressed (and my husband merely tolerates it). BUT! I discovered a great odor eliminator while hospitalized nearly 2 years ago:

I love this product, because it doesn't have much of an odor (I don't like stuff that's too perfumy and use the unscented version), and it really does get rid of the smell. Bonus: it comes in a handy 2 oz. size that's easy to bring along.

As I said, I first discovered this stuff in the hospital, but a Google search led me to where it is also for sale:

Not only do I keep some at home, but I have a small bottle handy at work, too. I just have to be more discreet. My husband gives it a thumb's up, too.

Be well!

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